Centro Comercial Guadalmina, 99-100
29670 San Pedro De Alcántara
Marbella – Spain

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Mission and Vision of Guadalmina Idiomas

In October 2012 we founded Guadalmina Idiomas with all the enthusiasm of creating a language school to introduce and teach, not only the wonderful Spanish language but everything that it carries in it intrinsically such as the extensive culture, geographical variety, extraordinary gastronomy and our centuries-old deep-rooted traditions. We soon realized, given the strategic location of our school and the variety of languages used on the Costa del Sol, that other languages such as English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese were in demand.

We are convinced that languages, nowadays, are an indispensable tool to communicate with other people, to travel, to work and to be citizens of the world. When it comes to learning a language at Guadalmina Idiomas, we consider it a priority that our students can develop communication and verbal skills as quickly as possible, as well as written comprehension.

To this end, we have a team of teaching professionals, all native and/or bilingual, fully qualified who meet high requirements at both a training and human level. Our Spanish courses adapt to all needs and abilities: we have private lessons, semi-private lessons, weekly, semi-intensive and intensive courses, each option adapting to the different needs of our students.

All the staff at Guadalmina Idiomas focus their efforts on fulfilling our mission of helping students in their learning process by maintaining constant contact with families and students in a totally personalized scheme so that the objectives are achieved in an optimal way and in the shortest possible time. We plan and schedule each class so that students can enjoy a progressive pace of learning, the teachers take care of checking the progress and advising each student individually so that they can improve their level in the language.

Our teaching methodology for all courses and languages is communicative, based and designed on the task-based approach, including all the language skills required to express, understand and interact with a language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. With this method, the student acquires the communicative and linguistic competence appropriate to their objectives, needs and profile. The use of Spanish, or the target language, as the only language in the classroom from beginner courses is very important for students to have complete immersion from minute one.

But above all, our ultimate mission is the student satisfaction. We aim for our students to enjoy this learning process, that in their evolution they always find our continuous support
and that, in our school, they feel at home.