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Spanish Courses

Spanish lessons at Guadalmina Idiomas are developed through a dynamic learning method, with the main objective of integrating both oral and written expression,  comprehension, practicing grammar and vocabulary constantly in class through interaction between students and working in groups.

Guadalmina Idiomas follows the stipulations set out in the Instituto Cervantes Curriculum Plan for the distribution of the different levels of knowledge of the Spanish Language, which in turn follows the requirements and stipulations of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR- is a guide used to describe the achievements of foreign language learners around the world). Therefore, our courses are divided into the levels described below.

The duration of our courses is calculated considering the objectives and contents to be achieved at each of the different levels.

To access a course at Guadalmina Idiomas for the first time, it is necessary to take a placement/ level test, except in the case of starting from a completely beginner level (A1). Once the level of the new student has been verified, he/she will be assigned to the course that corresponds according to their level. The first class at Guadalmina Idiomas is FREE. Once the student verifies that they feel comfortable in the course because it is their level, they proceed to formalize the enrolment. Here you will find our level or placement test.

At the end of each of the levels, and once they have passed the corresponding assessment tests, students obtain a Certificate of Achievement which specifies the level that has been addressed and, if required, the contents and objectives of the course.

By clicking on the link you can find a brief outline of the program by levels of our most demanded courses.

Therefore, our courses are divided into the following levels:

A1 Beginner:

Knowledge of Spanish is not required at level A1. From the first day you begin to speak Spanish and throughout the course you learn to express needs, understand and use everyday expressions that are very frequently used, as well as simple phrases aimed at satisfying immediate needs. The student will learn how to introduce themselves and other basic personal information about their address, belongings, and the people they meet. You can relate in an elementary way as long as your interlocutor speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to cooperate.

A2 Pre-intermediate

At level A2 you learn to describe in simple terms aspects of the past and the environment, as well as issues related to immediate needs. You can establish short conversations and, in simple sentences, describe everyday life, write postcards, simple letters, as well as short and simple stories. At this level  you will improve your Spanish grammar and vocabulary and you will be able to express yourself functionally in various communicative contexts in the present, future and past. You will be able to communicate in short conversations about everyday topics and understand short and simple texts.

B1 Intermediate

At a B1 level, the student is able to understand the main points of general texts and simple literary texts if they deal with issues that are familiar to them, whether in work, study or leisure situations. The student knows how to deal with most of the situations that may arise during their stay in Spain. They can produce simple, coherent texts on topics that are familiar to them or in which they have a personal interest, describing experiences, events, desires and aspirations, as well as briefly justifying their choices or explaining their plans. They acquire conversational skills about family matters and are able to use communicative strategies to have conversations related to the past and the future.

B2 Upper-Intermediate

At this level, the student learns to provide detailed information on general topics, express themselves fluently, and write long texts. They are able to use communicative strategies to carry on a conversation in different contexts and situations. Student greatly expand their ability to debate and express opinions in detail, putting together comprehensive phrases and sentences, defending point of views on general topics by indicating the pros and cons of the various options.

C1 Advance

This level is usually taught through private classes as there are usually not enough students who reach the level to organize a group.

The students know how to express themselves fluently and spontaneously without, finding the correct expression without signs of effort. The student makes flexible and effective use of the language for social, academic, and professional purposes, producing clear, well-structured and detailed texts on topics of a certain complexity, showing a correct use of the mechanisms of organization, articulation and cohesion of the text.

C2 Proficiency

This level is taught through private classes as there are usually not enough students to form a group.

The student can express himself spontaneously, with great fluency and with a degree of precision that allows him to differentiate small nuances of meaning even in situations of greater complexity. The student will speak fluently at the level of a native speaker, while developing a global perspective of Spanish culture in relation to their particular field of interest.

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